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Car repair in Romsey? Try Packham Auto Services

Motoring / 3 Comments / March 7, 2010

Paul Packham is a member of what you might call one of the old school of motor mechanics. Trading as Packham Auto Services in West Wellow, just off the A36 and a couple of miles from the M27 near Southampton, he and his wife, Viv, have built up a solid vehicle repair business. His customers return to him time and time again – I’ve been using him myself for over a decade – because his focus is on diagnosing the problem accurately, fixing it and getting your car back on the road quickly.

To give a couple of personal examples, my car’s rotor arm failed during a drive back to my parents on Boxing Day. It was taken back to my house on the back on the back of a recovery lorry and Paul came around the very next morning to fit a replacement and get me on my way once more. In January this year, having done about 50,000 miles, my battery failed and, again, Paul called over the very next day to replace it. Unfortunately, my car refused to start a couple of days later and he took the car away and checked it over thoroughly before fitting a heavier duty battery at no extra charge to me, which solved the problem.

Whilst he provides a courtesy car free of charge, he doesn’t offer the leather sofas and coffee sometimes associated with main dealers – or charge their exorbitant prices. He doesn’t, as far as I know, undertake significant marketing and I think his service deserves to be better recognised – hence this post. If your car needs attention, therefore, give Paul a call on 01794 324944.

  • Craig Findlater / January 11, 2016 / Reply

    I seriously doubt if you can find a better auto service than the one offered by Paul Packham especially in the surrounding area to Romsey and Wellow. Nothing is too much trouble and Paul provides an efficient prompt personal and professional solution. I had a huge problem with a seized electronic handbrake which needed a recovery truck and a method of somehow removing the car ( A VW Passat estate) from our driveway onto the truck and then towed to his workshop. All sorted very quickly and at a reasonable rate. Paul is the type of guy you seriously want friends and local people to use. Trust me I taught this young man thirty odd years ago – would a teacher really recommend a mechanic / an ex pupil to work on his car ? – too right I would. He is an absolute credit to the auto industry and to himself. Integrity, honesty, and thorough are the keywords which run through his work

    • Dominic / January 12, 2016 / Reply

      Great to hear from you, Craig. I’m glad you join me in recommending Paul, not least as you taught him much of what he knows!

  • John Massey / September 12, 2017 / Reply

    I too was taught by Mr. Findlater and like Paul a top chap…I have used Paul since 1998, so have my parents and family. He is someone to trust and will charge the right price, always.

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