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I’m on Instagram

Photography / 1 Comment / November 28, 2015

I’ve joined Instagram.  The key point about this social network is that it’s all about photos: that’s what you post, every time. So it’s the obvious place for a photographer to be. As Scott Kelby asks: ‘how can you not be there?’

For me, there were two reasons. The first was practical: my old phone was just too slow, outdated and underpowered for the Instagram app. Secondly, my impression was that it’s inhabited almost exclusively by vain, selfie-snapping celebrities and their wannabee followers. Having joined, I can see that many high-profile photographers are present and active, sharing great images with their legions of Instagram followers.

So if you’re an aspiring photographer like me, sign up today and start sharing your work there. You’ll find me there at I’m also on Twitter, Google Plus, Flickr and 500px.



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