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8 personal reasons to be cheerful

Life / 2 Comments / January 8, 2017

A New Year is a good time to look forward with optimism. There’s no better way to do so than by counting your blessings. This chimes in with the miracle morning routine championed by Hal Elrod, one component of which is ‘scribing’. While I’m not a natural early riser, writing down what you’re grateful for, what you’re proud of, and the results you’re committed to creating for that day is a good idea. Here, then, are my reasons to be cheerful.

1. Robust health

I’m very lucky to suffer from nothing more than the occasional cold. This underpins everything else.

2. Supportive family

My parents have encouraged and supported me at every stage in my life, as has my lovely wife, Rachel, ever since we met.

3. Wide circle of friends

I’ve kept in touch with several people from university and, thanks to Facebook, I’m also in touch with old school friends.

4. Good standard of living

With dual incomes, my wife and I can meet our monthly bills and afford occasional luxuries. In material terms, we want for nothing.

5. Lovely place to live

Romsey, my home town for the past two decades, has a provincial market-town atmosphere, which I like. Being minutes from the motorway network, it’s easy to get to many other nice places easily. And around us, our immediate neighbours are always friendly.

6. Interesting job

Ordnance Survey is a good employer. I value my role in continuing to improve the content of its website. With the support of OS, I’ve also been able to qualify as a CIM Chartered Marketer.

7. Opportunities to get involved in the community

I’ve been able, moreover, to put this experience at the disposal of the wider community by designing and building websites for Romsey Abbey, Romsey Festival and a local mental health charity, Triangulate.

it’s a privilege to have been able, for the last 20 years (nearly), to sing in the choir at Romsey Abbey. As the choir’s in-house photographer, I have even more fortunate to document its activities and changing faces over the past decade, via social media and a book I produced a couple of years ago. And for four years, until 2016, I chaired the Friends of the choir, having in the past also written scripts for its annual Epiphany Supper pantomime and produce its termly Friends newsletter,

8. Opportunities to travel

With good health and access to transport, the world is our oyster for Rachel and me. We’ve been able to explore this country and travel around Europe over the years. In time, I hope we’ll be able to spread our wings still further.

So when life gets me down – as it does to all of us from time to time – I’ll use this to count my blessings and revive my spirits, then look outward and use them in the service of others.

Now, over to you. What makes you grateful in your life? Feel free to share your thoughts in the Comments below.

  • Nicola Dunford / January 9, 2017 / Reply

    I love this Dominic – such a lovely thing to do

    • Dominic Brenton / January 9, 2017 / Reply

      Thank you very much, Nicola. I appreciate your support. Sometimes you just have to remind yourself of the bigger picture…

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