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On Dunkery Beacon, the summit of Somerset

Travel / No Comment / January 11, 2010

Driving across Exmoor this afternoon, I turned up towards Dunkery Beacon, intending to take a few photos from the road. As I got out of the car, I saw a few alpacas being returned to their trailer; it looked like they had been taken for a walk up to the summit!

A signpost at the start of the track said that the summit (1,703 feet above sea level) was only ¼ mile away and, on a whim, I set out along it. This turned out to be something of an underestimate – 1¼ mile perhaps? – but I persevered anyway and was rewarded with a memorable sunset, albeit through several degrees of wind-chill…

Sun sets over distant hills with snow in the foreground

Sunset from Dunkery Beacon

It is a gentle climb from the car park but beware of the extensive ice along the paths at this time of year.

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