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Two Queens in port

Photography / 1 Comment / January 11, 2014

Yesterday  afternoon, I went to Hythe Marina on the south side of Southampton Water and was fortunate to capture blue-hour shots of two Cunard ocean liners in port.

Two Queens in port

Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth (on the right) set sail in the evening on a round-the-world cruise via New York, San Francisco, Australia, the Far East and the Suez Canal; Queen Mary 2 left at almost the same time for a cruise around the Eastern Hemisphere around the Cape of Good Hope to Australia and the Far East, also returning through the Suez Canal.

With the distinctive black and white liveries of their liners and fortune in being able to drawn on the dignity of monarchy in the names they give them, Cunard Line is almost uniquely placed in being able to evoke the romance of the inter-war golden age of ocean liners.


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