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Photography / No Comment / January 30, 2014

Taken on a pedestrian level crossing outside Romsey, Hampshire, this is a classic ‘photo as metaphor’ shot.

Railway receding into the distance


I shot it hand-held rather than on a tripod because there is always the risk, even on a quiet, single-track line like this, of being caught unawares by a train that isn’t on the public timetable. Real Time Trains is a useful resource for finding out the times of all trains – freight as well as passenger – so that you don’t find yourself in the horrifying position of hearing a train bearing down behind you. Even so, exercise extreme caution and do not linger on level crossings for any longer than absolutely necessary.

Post-processing of this shot in Lightroom included making full use of the dynamic range of the raw file, darkening the sky a little and selectively lightening some of the undergrowth.

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